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It’s easy saying goodbye, it’s hard missing friends while traveling

I just got back from San Diego last week and I had a chance to catch up and hang out with some really close friends I worked with when I was living in Virginia, working in Washington D.C. I had a great time catching up, but the stay was definitely too short.

When you’re traveling and moving every few months, it’s common to meet new people and make new friends. Especially when you’re meeting other travelers, or people with other similar interests or obstacles in life, friendships form quickly and strongly. Oftentimes, for me, I find myself hanging out with some of the same people everyday, talking about problems in life or new endeavors and sharing part of my humanity and personality. It’s funny to think I’ve hardly known someone and then all of a sudden I can’t remember living a life without them. A lot of times it feels like I’ve known some of my new friends since I was a kid. Then, all of a sudden, it’s time for someone to move or travel and poof, no hanging out every day. Some people I tend to keep in better contact than with others, but I never lose that sense of closeness I felt with them. It’s like the bond is still there, and everything is just the way it was.

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