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Destination - How to get where you want to go in life.

The picture above is me with some Cosplay enthusiasts in Berlin, Germany with Alexanderplatz and Berlin Cathedral in the background. They were excited that I was from the States where there is a much larger Cosplay scene. Berlin was my first real out of Country trip and I planned it out and traveled about two weeks after I got my passport in May 2009.

I’ve managed to achieve quite the spectacular life, and I’m surrounded by people doing the same. I’m forever grateful for having great parents and family, and people in my life that are understanding of me putting my life goals ahead of everything else, which sometimes means missing a family birthday party, or a friend’s wedding. Prioritizing what goals in life are important and driving myself to them has allowed me to accomplish a few unique things, including: an awesome flexible career that allows me more days off a week than days worked, a job where I can travel to amazing destinations like Maui for work, and on vacation in between which brings me anywhere from Europe to South America, while still paying for hobbies I’m passionate for, whether skydiving or learning to ‘shred the gnar’ (aka stand up on a surfboard for more then 10 seconds). So when I think about how I’ve gotten here, I’ve followed a few basic steps, and clarifying them to myself should help me do this more efficiently in the future. While most of these are done subconsciously, writing them down is never a bad idea.

Destination - how to get where you want to in life.

I feel it’s safe to say that many of us don’t like complacency. Something natural about the human drive is to want to grow, progress, and experience new things. We want to get somewhere, even if it’s just to stop, take a deep breath, enjoy the moment and then journey somewhere else. The problem is that although we are capable of achieving amazing things, a lot of times we forget to use the tools and steps we have used to achieve other things. It’s easy to lose focus, procrastinate, and stop making reasonable progress towards things we want. In other words, we stagnate. This can be true in any domain, from careers to vacations, or from level of skill in a hobby to a fitness goal.

So what is needed to achieve goals and dreams and the stuff heroes are made of?

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