Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange stretch of road.


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"The Candles in the Windows"

During the time spanning November till the end of December, it is common practice in the area for people to leave a candle burning in the windows of their bedrooms. The process has only increased in number during the over ten years since it started, despite the obvious fire hazard and the concerned pleas of local fire fighters. The practice stems back to a singular occurrence that happened years before, which ended in events so strange that even all these years after the reasons for the practice are not commonly discussed, leading many to take up the practice without truly understanding why.

Years before the tragedy, a foreign woman moved into one of the smaller two story homes in the area. Though her accent was obvious, it did not take long for her to make friends. She was a beautiful and intelligent woman, with fiery red hair and green eyes. She took up a position working with the local historical society, and took a vested interest in the community. Within a couple of years she became involved with, and then married to, a local bartender. They were a happy couple, and it surprised no one when they were married only a few years after meeting. Soon thereafter the woman became pregnant, and together they began to make plans for one of the rooms upstairs.

Unfortunately, this streak of good fortune did not last, as the husband became ill shortly after the birth of the baby. He was taken to several doctors, but no set diagnosis could be made. What was known were his symptoms. The man complained of constant fatigue, and as weeks passed he began to loose weight. Within a few months he had lost nearly forty pounds, all without a set explanation. Tests were run, including ones affiliated with the investigation into a wide scope of cancers. However, as time passed and each progressive test failed to yield results, people began to lose hope as the man continued to get worse.

Passerby's claimed to see a candle in the window of the man's room, and it was assumed that the woman had lit a candle as part of a practice common in her home country. As time passed, the man would complain about chronic pain in his limbs and chest. Tests revealed that part of the reason for this was the fact that the mans body was no longer taking in nutrients effectively. Even with medical aid, the mans condition continued to worsen, and within a month the man lost the majority of his mobility, and was unable to breath without the use of an oxygen tank. He experienced severe muscle spasms, and lost all ability to see at night. This is strange, as he would often awaken the next morning, complaining about shadows passing by his window.

As the husband became worse, the woman took more and more time away from her normal work to take care of him. However, despite all the efforts taken, the husband soon passed away, only four months after the birth of their child. After that, the candle ceased to burn in the window.

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