Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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The Beach "Coming Out of the Water"

“The beach seems to extend infinitely in either direction. The sky is gray, the sand a dulled color, muted by the water. I have tried desperately to make some sense of the passage of time the last few days. It was only after looking in a mirror that I managed to gain some sense of it. My face is covered in scruff, dead skin along the edges of my eyes. My lips are splitting and parched, my ribs clear under my skin, the rest of me showing even more signs of neglect. I have slept little during this time, and during my stay in the hotel I would only use the bathroom in the lobby of the hotel. My skin is itchy.

What sleep I have had has been dominated not by images, but by sounds. The hollow murmuring, of gulls and surf. At times, I think I see something beginning to become clear, only to wake up within moments, nausea knocking me onto my back. I had taken to keeping a garbage can within easy reach. But a few days ago the owner of the hotel told me I had to leave. Noise complaints he said. So I gathered up what few things I had and left.

I sit down on the sand, and feel the cool water washing over my toes. There is a feeling of pain as my feet begin to react to the chill in the water. I have looked for a reason to not end up here. I had been warned. The phone is ringing again. I ignore it.

I walked for two days, not really sure about direction. Several times police officers pulled over and asked if I was okay. I told them I was, and though the look of concern never left their faces, they couldn't really come up with a reason to bother me further. They would pull away, heading in the opposite direction. And I would keep on walking, heading towards the sound. The hollow, empty ringing in the distance.

I drank from the puddles and the melting snow, sating my thirst temporarily. Each passing hour the sound would get clearer, louder. It was no longer just some ringing, but instead was a pulsing, steady humming. I wandered alone, turning my phone off after the first day of walking. Cars passed, people stared. I kept going, not really thinking anything, only knowing that somehow this all was heading towards that sound, that I was somehow meant to find the source.

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