Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Restaurant 1 "The Actress"

As always, the recounting of the following is not meant as a criticism, or as a commentary on the behavior and life of the deceased. The events recounted here are for the purpose of study, and are in no way included for the mere sake of entertainment. The majority of the information provided comes from eye witness testimony.

Near the end of Wellington Street, towards a crooked four way intersection, perched on a sharp corner is a small sit down restaurant. It seems every town has one, and this one is of a far better quality than many. The staff are warm and though it seems little effort is made to learn people's name, there is a sense that everyone gets treated the same, whether you are a regular or not. That sort of treatment is usually hard to come by, and offers a welcome escape for those passing by.

I first arrived at the restaurant shortly after arriving at the strange crossroads, looking for directions. Even after getting instructions, I still ended up making a complete circle, before I arrived back at the intersection, and finally sorted it out. The exterior is rather unassuming, just your standard fare that one would expect of such a place. The interior is similarly uninspired, save for a long line of photos, recognizing some of the lesser talents that came from the theater nearby. Wellington Street has had its share of success stories, but most end up never seeing their desires fulfilled, the older waitresses more than willing to indulge in your curiosity if you ask about them.

If you look among the photos on the wall you will see one of a young woman. It is a black and white photo. The young woman has thick, curly hair, a perky nose, and a well formed neck and jaw. Her most surprising feature are her eyes. They are surprisingly unassuming, without any characteristic that ends up setting them apart from the rest of the people on the wall. Despite the lack of unique features, she was by all accounts a actress of significant talent.

Most assumed that she would go on to find great success. But as I said before, very few ever end up getting to that point.

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