Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange stretch of road.


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Object 1 "The Velvet Lined Trunk"

Recently, a local antique shop went out of business and it's stock was put up for sale. The place specialized in some unique imports, most coming from Eastern Europe. Much of the inventory was snatched up within a short amount of time, but even after the place was cleared out, and a new owner took over, one item remained and was put up for sale. It was a solid oak chest, lined with velvet, and dated at around the mid 1800's. It was bought by a interested local. Then three weeks passed. The trunk is now in the hands of police as evidence.

The man who purchased the trunk was known to be dull but temperamental, prone to filling his home with a wide variety of unique items. He was also known as being very cold and distant, prone to outburst of rage when people came to his home for one reason or another. Many people say this was due to his house being broken into years ago, leaving him wary of people in general. Much of his inventory came from the shelves of the novelty shop, and he was on a first name basis with the previous owner.

According to the previous owner, the man had been pressuring him to sell the piece for some time. When asked where he had gotten it, or any other information at all, he refused to talk. He even refused to explain why he had kept the piece away from the man for so long. However, according to police he did disclose information to them, though they could not share the information with me due to to the ongoing investigation.

The current owner, not understanding the conflict, sold it with little discussion. He had simply found it alone in the back and assumed that it had been simply missed in the initial sale. After purchasing the item, the man became even more reclusive, and was not seen for several weeks. After two weeks, he was seen at the local store, purchasing several items. Neighbors described him as being out of sorts, and seemed to be unable to keep track of simple conversations. A week later, his neighbors called police, after smelling something foul coming from an open window.

Upon arrival, police discovered the man dead on the floor. His leg below the knee had been amputated and placed in the trunk. It didn't take very long to discover that it was self inflicted. The man was not known to suffer any sort of mental illness., however it was discovered through conversations with his bank that he had been seeing a psychiatrist. I spoke with the surviving family members, and was able to retrieve permission to learn about the man's treatment. However, the doctors eagerness to discuss the treatment of the man with me was surprising.

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