Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Hospital "The Black Spires"

Have you ever had a nightmare in which you forgot something very important? To be honest, I really wouldn't know if I had one lately. I have forced myself to stay awake for days so that when I sleep it is instantaneous, ignoring the worst of the night terrors. As an added benefit, I manage to forget any dreams I have had. But sometimes dreams can act like warnings, telling us that something is wrong. So...ignoring them or dismissing them isn't always in our best interest.

I went to my therapist to undergo another session of hypnosis. It has proven to be the only method that has helped to recover memories of my childhood. He had me lay down on the old leather couch he kept in his office and told me to relax my muscles. I never really remember much of the rest of the process, but I woke up soon after that, feeling like no time had passed at all. I looked over to the doctor, and noted the worried look on his face. I didn't even have to ask what was wrong. He told me outright.

“When I put you under, you responded normally to my affirmations that were asleep and that you could hear my voice. I asked you if you could tell me about the time after your parents died in the hospital, but instead of responding you remained silent. No matter how I phrased the question you refused to respond to me.”

I was puzzled. Was that even possible? I asked him what, if anything, any of it could mean. As he thought it over he began to rub his temples in a rhythmic motion.

“If I were to wager at an educated guess, I would say that perhaps your mind is fighting back, that the memories we revealed before have caused you to shield yourself against further investigations. We can always try again, but I think that we may need to try something else.”

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