Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange stretch of road.


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Hospital "The Adjoining Room"

My son went into the hospital the other day. The room next to his had a weird sign on it. The sign said “Contact Precautions. Visitors: Please report to nursing staff before entering the room. Staff: Please limit the transport of this patient to medically necessary procedures only.” I figured the person was sick with something contagious, something made clear by the sounds I was hearing. There was this sound, like a deep grunting. Eventually that stop, replaced by a giggling sort of cough.

I hate hospitals. Unfortunately, due to my kid's condition it has become common for me to have to take him in. He doesn't mind them all that much. Thankfully, this time it wasn't related to his illness; ended up being a case of bronchitis. Didn't need to be kept overnight fortunately. They sent him home on antibiotics I think. But I didn't really get all the details. I was distracted by the sounds in the other room. They kept getting louder.

I went to get some coffee. I'm not sure if I needed it, or if I just wanted to get away. Soon after leaving the room I came upon one the family members of the person in the other room. He was throwing away a medical mask and loose scrubs, along with a pair of medical gloves. He noticed me and said hello. I didn't want to be rude so said hello back. I asked him if the person in the room was doing okay. He admitted that there hadn't been much change. So I asked him what was wrong, if he didn't mind sharing. He was friendly and told me what had happened. I wish he hadn't.

The person in the other room was his sister. The doctors say that she has a form of necrotizing fasciitis. I don't have much medical experience, but I had seen it before. It is a severe infection that causes the death of healthy tissues around the site, usually caused by flesh eating bacteria. I asked him if they knew how she had contracted it. They had found several small wounds on her body, and determined she had contracted it through several insect bites. But how she came in contact with insects carrying it is a mystery, since the bacteria lives in warm saltwater.

I felt bad for him. He was doing his best to not cry. He wasn't all that successful. Whatever was behind that curtain couldn't be good. Said that she had been saying strange things since she was admitted, something about returning to the source. She was also placed under psychological observation after she was seen eating the dead tissue from her arm. They had to pump her stomach.

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