Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange stretch of road.


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Factory 2 "The Pack"

Despite orders that the abandoned factories remain off limits, one of the oldest buildings, once used primarily in the production of steel, remains open to the public. This decision comes from a long standing tradition in which this particular unused factory is open during the winter months for the local homeless. However, a recent crime may lead to the ending of this act of charity for the first time in twenty years. The clean up crews want to get paid extra for having to remove blood from concrete.

There are of course homeless shelters in the area, but the factory covers a much larger space than most, and during the winter the place remains open at all times, electricity and heat being provided by local residents. Food is also provided at the end of the week, making the events all the more confusing. At around six in the morning, police crews were inspecting the building, with orders to leave the tenants where they were. A couple of minutes after arriving, the heavy smell of iron could be detected in one of the side rooms.

Upon opening the door, the smell became overwhelming, and several of the officers had to go off site for a few minutes. Meanwhile, several of the officers were tasked with getting the homeless population outside, and a call was put in for extra blankets and coffee. Eventually the site was cleared, a proper investigation only being launched once the officers had collected themselves and were clothed in biohazard suits.

In the side room were discovered the corpses of three males. Their flesh had been severely damaged, sharpened steel rods penetrating their bodies at numerous points, namely the joints and along the limbs, causing them to be propped up in standing positions. It was determined that the insertion of the steel rods caused one of them to go into shock and die, yet the others it seems were alive through the whole of the process. It was determined that the cause of death for the remaining two was intense blood loss, mostly attributed to dozens of additional wounds along the skin and tissue. It was determined that the flesh had been removed with teeth.

Investigation into the wounds was able to construct dental records. However, this only furthered the mystery as it seems that the wounds on the three bodies were not caused by another person. In fact, the wounds matched the teeth attributed to the victims. Autopsies on the three victims revealed that all of their teeth had been removed. However, none of the teeth could be found at the scene. The time scale further confuses things by suggesting that the wounds made by the teeth occurred after the three had already been propped up with the steel bars.

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