Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange stretch of road.


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"Eyes in the Branches"

"Late at night I can see it staring at me from the dark of the woods, when no one is around and I am alone. It does not speak to me, or try and get to me. During the winter I can see it clearly, the snow lighting up the night. The thin sheen of fur, its head the shape of an upside down raindrop, the glow of its eyes when the light reflects off of them, and its teeth like dart tips are all clear. And though it as alien as anything I have ever seen, it is my oldest friend.

I spend a lot of time alone. Not on purpose mind you. My schedule, my line of work makes it hard for me to relate to other people. Regular conversations are almost impossible, as people mutter about this and that, and I am left admitting to myself that what they speak of is something I do not and cannot understand. My life isn't normal, and hasn't been normal for a long time.

I know that normal is dirty word, something that seems to be outdated nowadays, but there are some things that remains normal. Sitting down at night and watching TV for example is normal. Going out with friends is normal But I spend my nights in restless sleep, broken up with the moans and groans of someone in need. And on the days when I am not tasked at watching them, my mind remains fixated on the complex emotions I keep buried.

It is a different kind of experience, watching another person. Not in a doctor, patient relationship. But instead overseeing a piece of your family, and watching them degrade over time. I had assumed in the beginning that the work would come easy to me. I have a lot of patience, and are compassionate naturally. But there are many things you have to learn along the way. There are many things you have to learn to endure. Thankfully, I have help.

No matter how tired I am, how many times I am asked to awaken from my slumber, I know I can look out my window and see that thing watching my from the branches of the trees. And though I know we are separated by the glass, I know that even if it is only watching me, that it is also witnessing my experiences as well.

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