Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange stretch of road.


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Building 8 "Under the Floorboards"

I found it in the floorboards under the bed. Hidden away for reasons I can't understand. The space under the floorboards smells funny. The book itself is black. The inside lining is a coal colored gray. It contains the previous residents notes, all his research. Not on the supernatural things he claimed lived here. I knew about those. But the human elements. That stuff is new. All his research about the real monsters. People like The Surgeon. Hidden away, like it was something he couldn't look at but couldn't throw away. If I didn't know it to be impossible, I would think that he hid the book so that I could not find it. It is warmer now. Things aren't as bad as they were. The snow is gone, and the air is starting to smell of something closer to natural. There is the scent of rot from the fall, mixed with sewage in places. But mostly the smell of melted snow.

More people are walking around. A woman passed by me today. All dressed up. She smelled of chlorine. People are walking their dogs. Will even let you pet them if you ask. And I even saw the sun today, peeking through the branches. But I feel heavy in a way I haven't felt in a long time, and I am finding it hard to look forward. I keep thinking about the pages upon pages of the book that I read. The parts about my wife's killer.

And what I found disturbed me and makes me have to work hard to hear the birds in the morning.

I have tried to convince the police, but they don't want to hear it. The previous author pissed off a lot of people around here, and the fact he discovered these things means I am dismissed right away. But if he is right...I just don't know.

I have tried to make peace with my life. I really have. But whenever I write I seem to get stuck on that psychopath. I really do try to forget him. Sometimes, I even forget he exists at all and can just have a normal day. A normal life.

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