Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange stretch of road.


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Building 8 "The Dead Can't Leave"

“Please help me. I don't know what to do. Everyone in my house is dead and the thing that did it won't let me leave. Sometimes I think he is gone, but then I hear him in my head. Mocking me. He enjoys my anguish. It's why he left me alive.

He said a father's pain is unique. It is why he killed my wife and my child...Christine and Alex...every time I try to move them from the couch so they can be buried he takes a finger. I only have six left. I stopped trying to stop the bleeding, but I don't think he wants me to die yet. When he wants me dead, I think he will tell me.

A father's pain is unique. When he loses everything...now that I have lost everything...I feel broken. Empty and hollow. I want to feel angry, but I can't.

They are still here. They just aren't moving. They smell and their skin looks funny, but that's it. They are here.

I can't even grieve them because he won't let me put them away.

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