Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange stretch of road.


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Building 8 "Covered in Blood"

I am happy to have her back. I suppose that isn't surprising. I am trying to connect with her again. Feel wrong needing to work at that. Used to be really close. Now talking seems to be difficult. Not like we are fighting or anything. Just having trouble finding things to talk about. Told her about Loyd, and she could tell he was getting bigger.

Didn't mention the things he has been bringing home. Not that she isn't aware. Sure she reads these things. Just tired. Don't like having to go into it.

No idea what I am even supposed to do.

Problem with this place. So much fucked up. Get used to it. But when it gets really strange...you're used to just letting it pass. Hard to believe that something would get to me. After everything I've been through...that we have both been through.

Seeing her smile makes me happy. Didn't realize how much I have been missing her company. Didn't think much about how I was feeling about it. Now she is back it is pretty much all I am thinking about.

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