Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange stretch of road.


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Building 8 "Coming Out of Their Skin"

I am surprised. Would have imagined that losing that much blood would have made me pass out, but instead I am awake. Giddy even. I look down at the sink and I try to remove the blood from around and within it. But there are little crevices, inconsistencies in the counter-top...

Can't possibly get it all.

I look off towards the neighbor's house. Their porch light's on. It hurts my eyes like crazy...He is standing out there, hidden under the glare of the light. If I hold up my hand, I can see his outline. Put my hand down and he disappears. But not really.

He hasn't moved in a half hour, though I suppose that isn't strange for him. Technically he never moved from the moment I met him. Not in a traditional sense.

The flickering of lights and the smell of flowers.

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