Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Building 8 "A New Beginning"

“Dad...” he asked in a dull tone.

“Yes son.”

He looked around, lifting his hands almost in a shrug, his eyes red. “I could have been alright...right? I mean...I could have been different. Things could have turned out differently.”

“I don't know son.” he responded, his lips pressed back in a grimace as he looked over the room again. Then without hesitating, he left through the open door, leaving behind the monster in the room, sitting just in front of the greenest pine tree he had ever seen, the carpet pooling with blood. As he closed the door, the man left over looked upon what was left of his family, upon what he had done to all of them, and realized something truly terrible, as the window lite up with the intermittent glow of red and blue, and the sound of sirens.

In the end, he really was just a very, very bad man.

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