Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Building 19 "Something in the Trees"

A lot of people have been shaken up by the news. I can't say that it hasn't affected me too, considering everything that has been going on. How I have been feeling. Only good thing is they found the bastard, but I wish they had gotten to him before he had done what he did to those kids. The paper says that a local girl, a neighbor, saw the kids bodies hanging from the branches of the oak tree in the back yard and called the police. The police found the guy, like I said. He was inside the tree house.

I keep asking myself how something like this could happen. I keep telling myself that there must be something wrong with him. Some of the customers at the shop have been talking about it, keeping their voices low. I've always had good hearing though. They say the guy had lost his job recently...though from what I am hearing it was a little more involved than that. Apparently he was fired from his job after an incident at work.

Jesus...it surprises me how much people talk around here, but I suppose it is a rather tight nit community. Everyone is taking it hard.

The guy is talking to his supervisor. Keeps telling him that he needs some time off, a week or so. Says he has to get out of town. He looks all shaken and bent out of shape. His work had been suffering for it, so I suppose it makes sense when the guy told him that if he wanted time off he would have to be willing to give up his position. Pretty much saying that if he leaves he would be fired. Seems that is what set him off.

The guy starts screaming at him. Not angry or anything. More like panicked. Said that he couldn't afford to lose his job, but that they needed to understand. That he didn't have a choice. The supervisor asked him to explain. Honestly I am surprised no one committed him.

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