Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange stretch of road.


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Building 17 "Someone Else's Skin"

At 7:30 PM on January 29th, a call was put in to local police by a woman who claimed that there was an unknown intruder in her home. Within minutes the police arrived and found the woman huddled in her closet. One of the officers was left with the woman while the other officer checked the rest of the home. When the other officer was sure that there was no assailant in the home, they returned to sitting room to find their fellow officer badly injured and the woman missing. The following is the sworn testimony given by the injured officer after they awoke two days later.

“We were going on our rounds when we received the 10-25. We confirmed the call, making it the residence in a few minutes. We were informed by dispatch that the resident was in a closet in the main den. We soon arrived at the scene and approached the perimeter of the home with caution. The back door was unlocked but closed, and seemed the most obvious point of entry. Upon entering we secured the main room, finding the owner in the closet. She claimed to be generally unharmed, and so I bought her over to one of her couches.

I stayed with the victim while Officer (name withheld) went through the rest of the home. As I waited, I heard the woman whispering to herself. At first I couldn't make it out, but she began to get louder as the minutes wore on. She kept talking about some figure, standing still while it moved. I asked her what she meant, but she was unwilling to talk to me, instead simply looking at her hands.

The woman pulled up her sleeve, and I noted several wounds running along her skin, though she had not reported an assault. I contacted medical services while my partner entered the basement. I began to ask the woman some preliminary questions, but found her to be generally uncooperative. She kept looking around the room, and looked extremely disoriented. She seemed tired, and did not seem to be much aware of my presence in the home.

While this was happening, the other officer failed to be able to find evidence of the supposed breaking and entering. Upon entering the basement, they noted a large amount of sewing supplies including several display mannequin's.

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