Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Building 11 "When it Rains"

It is going to rain today. I can feel it like a whisper or a caress on the cheek, the way the leafs go belly up like they are submitting. Supposedly, people from the boondocks can tell there will be rain based on the smell, but there is a lot out here that masks the smell of the storm, so I end up relying on a feeling in my gut to remind myself to tell my dad to bring an umbrella, or to wear different shoes.

The city smells in certain ways, but it doesn't smell in others if that makes sense. The sewer and puddles of sticky liquid smell something fierce while the stone and the trees don't smell much at all unless you are right up next to them. It is like they are muted somehow, while the unpleasant bits stand out. The discarded rags and the puddles smell almost sweet, but with an acrid edge, like decomposition.

But not when it rains.

When it rains it generally smells the same way regardless of where you live, and though I can't smell the storm coming where I am, I can certainly smell it once it starts coming down. There is the smell of the worms coming to the surface. For some reason that it the smell I pick up on the most, but there is also the smell of rainwater and of mud.

When I was little I used to play in the rain all the time. My mum had a lovely little yellow raincoat for me and it would cause my skin to feel sticky from the moisture. I would play a lot by the storm drains, and more than once I lost a doll or bucket or whatever else I had with me. Back then I would play with Tracy, but more often then not she would be inside on rainy days since it tended to affect her breathing.

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