Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Building 11 "The Down Vest"

Today was dull and gray, though it wasn't that way earlier in the day. Earlier on it was sunny and bright, with a nice gentle breeze that had just enough character to it for it to be appreciable. I took out my old down vest, just so the chill of the wind would be comfortable. My dad gave it to me when I was a kid. I think it was meant for his son, whenever that was supposed to happen. On my eighth birthday I think he figured out he should stop waiting on a son and probably put that energy into his daughter lol.

It is a faded olive color with a plaid interior, and the cloth on the interior has pills from being washed and rewashed over the years. For a long time it used to smell like cigarettes, which my mum explained was due to it being my dad's smoking vest back in college. Eventually the smell of the cigarettes faded, but to this day I find that smell comforting, even if I never smoke.

I make a point to try to not wash it unless I have to, and generally do it by hand. I replaced the down in it once, which left it feeling lumpy for a while. Over time it settled, but for a while I thought I had ruined it.

I put on a surgical mask today and took a walk at a local forest preserve. There really wasn't anyone on the trails, and the ground was damp from some rain the night before. I have always liked the way the ground feels after the rain. When I was younger I would take off my shoes and socks and go barefoot, but once when I was a teen I ended up stepping on an old nail. I had to get a tetanus shot, and that essentially ended the practice outside of my own yard and visits to the beach.

There are supposed to be storms the next few days, and I am looking forward to sitting out on the porch with dad. I think he needs it since he has been sullen the last week. He normally gets that way after mum's birthday, but normally it only lasts few days. A little time together and he should be right as rain, and likely craving something greasy.

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