Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Building 1 "The Couple"

The tragedy that befell the most recent residents of this home are not recounted for the sake of entertainment, and should not be used as a act of condemnation of the actions of the deceased. The following events ended in the April of last year. Many of the houses on Wellington Street are quite old, some dating back nearly 100 years or more. The house in question is an old Victorian style home, one of the oldest on the street. Though many of the persons who recounted the story were unwilling to share with me its location, neighbors were quite adamant about which house it was.

The wood that covers the exterior is a vibrant maroon color, with a long, drawn porch that wraps around the front and left side of the building. On its face, just to the right of the door, is a gold plated plaque declaring that the home was established in 1877. Considering the age, the home is in remarkable condition especially considering the fact that over the years the home has had no less than 6 different owners. The roof is a charcoal gray, and the windows and fixtures outside of the plumbing and wiring are more or less the originals for the home.

The molding on the home is a brilliant white color, though the front door is a deep woodland green. Immediately inside one is a wide open parlor, the ceiling a fine example of the fine detailed work that is classic of this style of home. The space which formally supported the chandelier is now covered with finished plaster, and plans are in motion to find a replacement. At the back are a set of twin staircases that curl their way to the top, connected to a long hallway that extends to both the right and left side of the home. Under the hall above the stairwells is a large set of doors that lead into the kitchen, and from there a large greenhouse. To the right of the parlor is a well furnished sitting room with a intricate mural covering the whole of the ceiling, and a deep red carpet across the floor. To the right is a well stocked library with a large open rotunda attached at the corner.

The carpet is of significance as the rest of the house is covered in hardwood floors, save the kitchen which is done in black and white tile.

The last residents of the home moved in around a year before the events took place, and were for all intents and purposes described as quiet, all be it, pleasant people. The couple moved in with the intent of renovating the home. Much of the work that has been done in terms of wiring and plumbing can be attributed to them. The events in question reportedly started when the couple began discussing plans to replace the rug in the sitting room, which even now is well worn.

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