Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange stretch of road.


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Apartment 3 "The Overflowing Tub"

The following was told to me shortly after the woman and her roommate were displaced from their apartment. Since that time, she and her roommate have found a new place, after their old apartment was closed due to water damage. The source of this was listed in the newspaper as a leaky tub, though the actual reason listed by police was more specific. The tub had overflowed after it became clogged with human skin. Below is the female roommate's recollection of the time leading up to the discovery.

“I have tried very hard to forget the events of the last couple of days, but it has proven to be impossible. Knowing something like that happened in a place I used to live isn't something that leaves your mind, even at night.

For a long time things were breaking down between my roommate and I. It started shortly after they lost their job. Not their fault. Jim is a hard worker. He couldn't have predicted that the antique store he had been working at would be under new management. Thankfully he was told ahead of time, so he was able to plan a little bit. Even so, the changes in his behavior became rapid, and it wasn't long before I could barely recognize him.

He began to become increasingly agitated, and would sometimes hold himself up in his room for an entire day. This isn't normal for him, and though at first I simply dismissed it as him being upset at losing his job, even after he found new work his behavior continued to get worse. He began to drink a lot, and would often come back at all hours of the night. He told me that he was just dealing with personal stuff, but I found that hard to believe.

I am close to his family, and every time I would ask if something was wrong with him they would deny knowing anything about it. If anything, despite the loss of his previous job, things couldn't have been better for him. The new job paid more, and even had more flexible hours. But things kept getting worse and worse, and there would be days when he wouldn't come home at all, though he still always made sure to let me know. When he was around he was reclusive, and would dismiss any attempt to talk with him.

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