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Getting Your Child to Love Reading

By Leo Babauta

Unschooling is a ton of fun if you can learn on your own, learn whatever you want, and basically play all day. But that's significantly harder if you can't read.

So how do you instill a love of reading in a child who isn't that interested?

My 7-year-old daughter Noelle started reading relatively late (I think, though actually I have no idea and don't care about this kind of thing) ... she just wasn't very interested. She didn't hate books, but they didn't excite her.

But just this year, not only did she learn to read small words (pig and dog, mom and dad), but really rapidly, she learned to read full sentences and now books. It's really amazing to see that kind of rapid learning. Now, I wouldn't say she's in love with reading, but she's much better at it, and I can see a love of reading slowly growing in her.

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