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Battles Fought with Rubber Bands

As the train came to a halt and stopped in front of a crowd of ten people in which I had been included, we watched the train doors open and I stepped back as I watched everyone push and shove their way into the cart. When everyone was in the cart, I made my way in grabbing hold of a poll I was a little scared to touch. As the train made its way uptown, everyone was silent as each body swayed by the movements of the cart as it sloppily traveled along the track. When the cart came to a stop and the doors opened, a family of five pushed their way into the cart. People began to walk to the other side of the subway, as the family made their way towards my side of the train. The two little boys were playing with a rubber band and laughing about the way they had seen a character fight on a television show they had seen. They began to argue over who they wanted to be and who could be the best fighter. The other little boy was sitting with his knees on the seat and his body facing towards the outside of the cart. He was looking out the window, watching the walls and lights pass by his eyes as the cart traveled along the track. My eyes found their way to the window as well and I watched the reflection of the little boy's eyes. As each light passed, his eyes filled with awe; like the sun had risen in his eyes and never left. I looked around the subway cart and watched as people tried with all their might not to look out those windows and admire the lights that ran across their face. And I wondered if that little boy would continue to watch the lights and graffiti covered walls. Or would he grow out of the stories created in his mind and the habits of making art with his pupils.

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