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Obscenities, drugs and death; Social Hypocrisy or mainstream media poison?

It never fails to make me roll my eyes when I'm watching a show, and I don't mean a talk show ( something that is getting more and more rare as time passes) and an f bomb or the name of a drug is bleeped out but the instructions to starting a meth lab or pulling off a crime and manipulating the law to get off of the hook is laid out in detail for all to take in and take advantage of. It's practically an instruction guide to society's deterioration. Why am I writing about tv? I'm getting there I promise just bear with me.

How many times have you turned to watch "the news" only to hear report after report about this celebrity's butt or the other's breast or are so and so dating? *eye roll*. Is that NEWS worthy? Shouldn't that be under "entertainment"? Or am I from another planet?

There are so many more news worthy events and happenings going on in the world every day. Causes that people have put on the back burner because of the "Hollywood distraction" causes like famine, ignorance, drought, refugees and the list goes on. All people are interested in now is who's doing who (excuse me for being so blunt) and the dress.. Shallow, superficial things that make them forget for a few hours how terrible their life is by seeing somebody else all glammed up.

The hypocritical part that society plays is that now, as a society, we are fine with having people in our communities killed/ murdered/ commit suicide. In fact let a few days pass and we'll have a hero on our hands who's life will be published in every magazine, newspaper and talked about on every morning show. That hero will emerge from the ashes like a Phoenix, from the most gruesome crimes and in anyone of the three cases I mentioned. If you are aware you'll see that the only purpose of this is to divide people even more. How? TV will guide the way. And here is what I said about mainstream media poison enters. TV will tell you who to root for, who's right and what you should do about it.

On the same note of social hypocrisy; hurl an insult or an obscenity and face the wrath of the people, the media and no one will stop hearing about it. This was taken advantage of so much so that waitresses would claim that certain kinds of insults or slurs were hurled at them just so they can get the attention that they couldn't get as kids probably.

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