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Here goes my first blog!!!

Well I have been thinking about trying having a blog to share opinions about recently tried recipes like the one today (Pan Fried Catfish with lemon and garlic) or the fact that I found wild strawberries in the backyard.... Pretty amazing! Or how much I'm craving a Rompope tres leches cake but my hubby is on a diet and it would be cruel to make it an him not being able to eat it... Or how disappointed I was when after traveling to TX and thinking "I'll finally will be able to have that red velvet cupcake that I've been craving for so long and was not able to find anywhere in NY one that came close in taste and moisture to the one I found in Tx just to realize they don't have it anymore :-(.... Or how much I love Texan BBQ and how hard it is to find where I've lived with hubby... Talk about culture shock!!!

Well this is just my introduction post.... I will be trying to posts at least once a week... thank you for reading me.... And good night to all!

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