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Careers, life, and memorials

For a while I have been pondering career and life. As I have mentioned before, I dwell a bit too much in the past and future, so finding the right balance in itself has been a journey for me.

The other day I attended a memorial service for a man I knew or at least I thought I knew. That is the case sometimes isn't it? You don't really find out all there is to know about someone until they are gone and others are speaking on their behalf.

Attending memorials causes me to reflect on my own life so far. I ask questions such as "is this it?", "is this all I have offered and will leave behind?". These thoughts fold into others about what exactly I am doing. That is where career comes in. I used to think of a career as a standalone activity. That really is a job, not a career. I now think of a career as a body of work. Total work, not just job or revenue generating activity, but what I do for others and my community.

At the memorial service I heard many stories about the man who had passed. Many were of self sacrifice for the benefit of others. Many were of how he approached others and life in general. Gratitude came to my mind.

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