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There is something magical about the Solstice Sun. I wake up as early as I can on the Solstice to enjoy every possible minute. I adore summertime car rides with the windows down, spearmint snoballs, and the joy of baseball. The beach is sacred space, and a summer night’s breeze can cure what ails you. The mystical reminder of the sun standing still gives me energy. It reminds us of how the sun anchors our vitality.

Vitality is formally defined as, “the power giving continuance to life, present in all living things; exuberant physical strength or mental vigor.” Vitalityis having pep in your step… zest… bounce. Vitalityis living with a sparkling passion.

Vitality is a twinkle in your eye when you behold someone you love. It’s choosing to see and seek the bright side even when the world is gray. Vitality is walking into a room and bringing the sunshine with you, actively radiating GOOD to all of those within the reach of your rays.

Too many things and people are roadblocks for living with vigor and fire. Phones, negative attitudes, financial strain, and divisive politics zap our gusto. Some people within our social circle and family suck the life right out of us. Finding meaning and purpose in Life means finding the sun in spite of our circumstances. It also means choosing to BE the sun – bringing fire, life, and vigor.

It’s tough to ask, “Am I infusing life into situations or am I sucking the life out of those around me?” It’s not easy to turn off the TV, or leave the phone across the room, or to avoid people who take away our joy. But the meaningful and contented life we seek is rooted in our need for Vitality—mental, physical, and emotional.

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