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mise en place

‘Tis the season for feasting and gathering! Do you have everything you need? Is it ready to go? Have you chopped, prepped, measured, and organized all of your ingredients ahead of time?Mise en place is the culinary notion of “everything in its place…set up”. It is a belief and a practice that everything needed for cooking should be organized in front of you before you begin. It’s laying the groundwork for a success in the kitchen. Proper preparation creates calm and sharpens our focus.

But mise en place can take on a deeper meaning, especially as we enter into the Season of Thanks and Light. We can make sure that we get everything in place within us to grow Joy and Love. Have we let go of past hurt? Can we commit to being more patient? There’s a reason we have two ears and one mouth. Are we ready to really listen to those we love, and not just wait for them to stop talking so that we can talk? Are we prepared to offer Love to them in the way they receive it best? Are we prepared to give as much as we can and not take inventory of how much others have contributed?

As we mise en place our hearts, our Light is able to shine in dark places. Before your dear ones arrive, gather the necessary ingredients for Love: forgiveness, patience, acceptance, and understanding. What tools do you need to mix in some Joy? Find a bigger bowl than you think you will need because you have more to give than you realize. As everything in falls into place , hope bubbles over the sides of the pot. Plate-up the GOOD you’ve created for your treasured ones. Enjoy the Feast.

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