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Full Circle

When you draw a circle, where do you start? Do you start at the top or the bottom of the circle? Maybe you start on the side? Do you draw a circle clockwise or counter-clockwise? Do your circles come out round and fat or do they look more like eggs?

If this year were a circle, and I asked you to tell me about it, where would you start? Would you start in January or would you skip to the best part of the year? Would you give a general opinion of the year, or would you first mention the lows? I’m not sure I could describe this year as a circle. Mine might look more like a corkscrew spiral with twists and turns. Ferris Bueller warned us that Life would come at us fast. He failed to mention sometimes you get whiplash. It has been a year that has required that I rise, and rise, and rise yet again. But I am determined to close the loop and see it to completion. I need to see this year come full circle.

We have circles of people, too… big circles, inner circles, social circles, professional circles, circles of friends and loved ones. Some may call it luck, I consider it a blessing, when we can see people IN our circle come “full circle.” Seeing something come full circle for ourselves or for our loved ones requires an investment of our greatest commodity: Time. When we make the choice to give of ourselves over Time, it means we choose to see everything, even the ugly darkness. It can be replete with desperation and relentless stampedes of questions. Eventually, the darkness gives way to emerging light, and we see our treasured ones, or even ourselves, willing and ready to begin again. We see them enter a season of renewal, abundance, and new life.

Wisdom follows and there is quiet gratitude for our interdependence. Many questions get resolved, but there are also those big questions, big suffering, that never have answers.

The choice to invest long-term support, empathy, friendship and encouragement is an act of love. It’s persistent, determined, unrelenting love. It’s human to wonder, “Is any GOOD going to come of this? Am I wasting my time?” In the end, when we watch someone close their loop, and begin again, there is joyous satisfaction because there is Hope. Hope is sustenance. It’s the GOOD infection that gives us the courage we need to pick up our pencil and close our own loop—to come full circle. We give thanks for the strength to start again.

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