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Anticipation, Exhalation and Hope

There is something magical about the end of May. My garden explodes and suddenly the flowers paint the dirt. Meanwhile kids go through the motions to get to that last day of school. Teachers stumble over the finish line and metaphorically say to parents, “Tag, you’re it.” The dirt has been knocked off of cleats and baseball season is in full swing. There are even signs of magic at night. There is that moment at the cusp of twilight when all at once the lightning bugs join the party and dance with abandon. (Yes, I know you probably call them fireflies.) Everywhere you look there are signs of anticipation, signs of exhalation, and signs of hope.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I look for signs, especially those of hope. My own human frailty needs the reassurance from the Universe. There’s too much baseball in my veins to say that I’m not superstitious, I am. But there’s a big difference between superstition and GOOD omens. Superstition gives power to that which frightens us while GOOD omens remind us we are interconnected with GOODNESS bigger than ourselves.

Summer itself is a sign, a reminder of how critically important it is to use our Time wisely. Summer is the Universe’s gift of space to grow in love, in dreams, and in adventure. It’s a sign that we need to slow our pace and relish in the beauty of family and friends. It’s the time we need to reset and double-down on Love and Compassion. It’s Time to reconnect with people who have gotten lost in the shuffle of responsibility and scheduling.

And as May turns to June the anticipation of adventure, of breathing space, and of endless sunshine becomes reality. The Signs no longer point to something in the future. They become affirmation that we made it. The Universe has given us the space we need. We can live the Magic in the air. Time for adventure, for loving, for exploring, for growing, for relishing in the GOOD is now. Read the signs.

Mother Nature sent a marvelous and unexpected sign. My hydrangeas bloomed in the shape of hearts. A sign of what is most important…

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