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Reuters cancels its hugely expensive and ambitious consumer-facing Journalism 2.0 launch "Reuters Next" after project lead decides to run for Canadian Parliament

Though, to be fair, Chrystia Freeland's departure was simply the last straw — with the real issue being the costs and lack of near-term revenue potential associated with the project, which was seen as doomed when new CEO Andrew Rashbass came on board.

From Dylan Byers of Politico's report:

The project was heralded by Nieman Lab, among other forward-thinking news insiders, as revolutionary, though its "river of news' format is not too dissimilar to a number of existing news platforms, including The Atlantic's successful Quartz (disclosure: I contribute to Quartz on occasion) and Yahoo's new home page.

Here's what Reuters Next looks like, based on the preview that's already live on the web.

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