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HOLD UP. Forget first Indian American Miss America—is Nina Davuluri the first Geek American Miss America? #togowherenobeautyqueenhasgonebefore

Miss America, Nina Davuluri. Just chillin' at home.

According to one of our fave sites, The Aerogram, newly crowned Miss America Nina Davuluri said in her official video bio that she's kind of a nerd: "I love Star Wars, Star Trek and anything sci-fi!” Admit it, y'all just fell in love again.

And if for some reason she can't perform her duties, her role would be filled by Crystal Lee, Miss California (and before that, Miss Silicon Valley, no kidding) — an intern at DropBox whose platform was women in STEM and whose Twitter feed features lots of hot Pebble smartwatch ogling.

We have arrived, my nerd people: Today, beauty is the geek.

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