Sett: High Engagement Blogging

Sett eliminates that time when you have to build up a blog with dozens of posts without an audience. From my very first post I've had readers. It's pretty amazing.

Celeste, A Breastfeeding Journey

The hardest thing about starting a new blog is getting people to read what you've written. With over two hundred million blogs in existence, how is someone going to find yours?

And when they do find it, will they know how to subscribe? Will they come back and become part of your community?

Other popular blogging platforms leave you to fend for yourself. If you can't quickly figure out how to get readers to come to your site, your blog stagnates until you lose interest and give up on it.

Even if you are able to get readers to your site, even the most interested ones will have trouble figuring out how to subscribe, so they leave and never come back.

Sett is designed specifically to solve these problems. From the very first post, Sett will be bringing you readers and helping them subscribe and become part of your community.

I was kind of skeptical when I was offered an opportunity to get on Sett at first. Who needs another blogging platform? But, the people behind Sett and other early adopters were very savvy guys, so after some deliberation I gave it a try. I'm very happy I did... it seems to have transformed how my readers interact with the site.

People get a real kick out of being able to have better give-and-takes, and it's transformed my blog more from a soapbox to an intimate group discussion over some high-quality tea and coffee. I dig it. Oh, and my site is blazingly fast now, much moreso even than my highly optimized Thesis-running Wordpress install before. Very happy I got onboard. If you're thinking of giving it a try, you really ought to."

Sebastian Marshall, Author of Ikigai,


Through Sett's InstantAudience, your posts will be exposed to readers even before you get your first subscriber.

Each post you write is matched against every other post on Sett for similarity using our world-class post matching system. So if you write a post about your trip to the Amazon, Sett might find a post on another Sett blog about someone's trip to the jungles of Brazil. Whenever a reader views one of those posts, the other will be unobtrusively suggested at the end along with another post from your site.

Readers love this, because it allows them to continue to read about things they're interested in. Bloggers love it even more because it brings hundreds or thousands of interested readers to them every month.

That means that with no extra work on your part, you'll have readers come to your site day and night.

The InstantAudience feature is fantastic for bringing in new readers -- but it doesn't stop there. Since these new readers are probably already familiar with Sett from the first time they land on your site, I find that they are much more likely to interact than other types of low quality traffic. The majority of my most active community members were referred to my site via this feature.

However, that's not to say that Sett takes any getting used to. From the perspective of both a blogger and reader, Sett is the most intuitive platform of it's kind I've ever been a part of.

Austin K Wood

MailGenius Keeps Your Readers Coming Back

Integrating email with blogs has traditionally been a huge headache. Despite many people preferring to subscribe by email, getting it to work usually involves plugins, redesigning your theme, and crossing your fingers. Even when it does work, it lacks tight integration with your blog and may send mail straight to your reader's spam folders.

MailGenius is Sett's integrated email system. With just one click, readers can subscribe to your blog via email. They also get replies to their posts emailed to them and can subscribe to individual posts. Each email has links at the bottom to automatically log in, reply, and upvote your post, making it effortless for your readers to interact with you and your content.

Write Great Posts Effortlessly

Writing posts and inserting pictures and videos shouldn't require a Computer Science degree. You want to sit down and write, not fiddle with uploading, HTML, and embed codes.

Sett's editor is lightning fast, gets out of your way, and allows you to insert pictures just by dragging and dropping. Resizing them is even easier. Want to insert a Youtube video or media from one of the other 250 sites we support? Just paste in the address and Sett handles the details for you.

Even posting is easier on Sett. Post immediately, schedule a post, or add a post to the AutoQueue, which will post automatically for you on a schedule.

Slow Blogs Drive Away Readers. Fast Blogs Keep Them.

Many studies have been done on web performance and it's consistently been found that visitors will leave if it takes more than a couple seconds for the page to load. In fact, 40% of visitors leave if a page takes just three seconds to load.

Sett is highly optimized and runs on state of the art cloud servers hosted by RackSpace. A Sett blog will load in less than one second, even with a bunch of images. Other blog platforms are so slow in comparison that all Sett blogs load faster than top-tier hosted blogs from our competitors that start $45,000 per year.

Do you have so many readers that you can afford for 10-40% of them to leave because your site is frustratingly slow?

Customize Your Blog in Five Minutes

Why should changing how your blog looks turn into a weekend project? Point and click to choose colors, fonts, headers and backgrounds.

Or, if you're an advanced user, use our awesome Mustache based theme engine. A full theme can be created with just seven lines of HTML!

"It's ridiculous that Wordpress relies on a broadcast model where one blogger speaks to a mostly-silent community. I wanted my users to become invested personally in my blog and the passionate community surrounding them. Sett was built from the ground-up to make this happen.

But what's incredible about Sett is that empowering the community is just the beginning. Tynan and team have introduced numerous well thought-out features (like cascading comment indentation and intelligent "read this next" post promotion) that make the platform a joy to use for both me and my community. The difference between Wordpress and Sett is night and day."

Daniel Odio, SVP at ShareThis,

Plans and Pricing

Built in Community Section
Rackspace Cloud Hosting
Amazon Worldwide CDN
You Own Your Data
Multifactor Comment Spam Blocking
Built in Analytics
Custom Domain Name
Javascript Sandbox
Custom Feed Address
Switchable Themes (beta)
Broadcast Emails
Skimlinks Integration
Multiple Moderators
Custom Sidebar Box
Full Custom Theming (beta)
Support-Email24hr Response EmailPhone
Maximum Traffic Sharing Ratio75%100%120%150%
Image Hosting1GB3GB10GB100GB
Subscriber Limit300800250010,000
Additional Subscribers1 cent each
Price per Month


How are subscribers measured?

We measure each reader who has subscribed through Sett's interface, either by email or adding your site as a favorite. We do not count RSS subscribers or daily visitors, so you'll probably only be charged for a fraction of your audience. We chose this metric because it's fair and because it aligns our interests with yours.

What if I go over my subscriber limit?

If you go over your subscriber limit, your account will be upgraded to the next highest account level during the following month. If you're an enterprise customer, you get charged an extra penny per subscriber starting the month you go over.

What if I go over my storage limit?

Going over your storage limit will also trigger an upgrade for the following month. We charge only for the original uploaded post images, not the 4 or 5 scaled versions we generate or profile avatars.

What is a Javascript Sandbox?

A javascript sandbox allows you to insert tracking codes, like those provided by Google Analytics

Can I Import From WordPress?

Yes. Our automated importer will import your WordPress blog within 1-2 hours, depending on availability.

Can I Get My Data Out of Sett?

Yes. We want you to be a Sett customer because you love Sett, not because we've trapped you. At any point you can download an XML file with all of your blog's data.

How does Traffic Sharing Work?

Traffic sharing uses our state of the art document matching system to find similar blog posts across the entire Sett network. If a relevant blog post is found, it will be recommended alongside a relevant post from your own site. We track how many clicks in and out you get, so that you always get a fair amount of traffic in based on the amount you refer out.

What if I Switch to Sett But Don't Like It?

You can cancel your subscription at any time for any reason with a simple click. If you cancel within the first 90 days, you can ask for a refund of all fees paid and we'll refund your money with no hassle.

What if I have more questions?

Email us! Send an email to [email protected], or email the founders directly at [email protected] or [email protected] We'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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