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Chicken with fennel

We started at the beginning for the first recipe share, so it seems right that the next one should be the latest new recipe I cooked. Last night, something simple for Sunday night, quickly prepared during half time of the footy match (on TV!). I'm going through a fennel and lemon thing at the moment, and I always like chicken, so this one hit the spot. (Son didn't want to go near it, but in his (or my?) defence, he was feeling sick and didn't want any dinner at all.)

I didn't feel like opening a new bottle of white wine (what?!) for this recipe (I was drinking red!) so I used mirin instead and it worked well.

The recipe said it was for 4 people - oops, not much left after we (2) wolfed into it. So, more chicken if you like a decent serve, and next time I might add more fennel.

I served it with rice, but I think it needs something more ... but on Sunday night, I couldn't really be bothered with anything more. Any suggestions for a vege to go with it?

Thanks, Kaz, for sharing this one with me.

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