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Such An Important Decision

I decided to start this blog because of some writing advice I read on the Intertubz. (And we all know, if it's on the Intertubz, it must be true...) But just as many things around writing paralyze me, the decision of what my first post should be about had me stymied for a few days. When it comes to writing, Dorothy Parker anticipated me:

Exactly. I couldn't have said it better myself, Dorothy. So I wandered and maundered and wondered. Then, as frequently happens, life made the decision for me.

Last Saturday night, late, as I maundered and wondered, I noticed a high-pitched electronic noise in my left ear. Tinnitus, quite a case of it. I wondered if it would keep me awake, but hoped for the best. I did fall asleep, but when I awoke on Sunday, as soon as I tried to get out of bed, the world went all whoopsie-spinnie on me. Plus I could not hear much out of my left ear.

Things got worse as the day went on; what little I could hear from my left ear was mixed with a veritable panoply of sound-effects. Sometimes the ocean. Sometimes a small percussion section. Sometimes little gremlins crackling cellophane. (Which made me really empathize with those who are unfortunate enough to have auditory hallucinations: I knew these were not real, but man, oh, man.) So we hied me off to the Urgent Care Clinic, thinking perhaps I had a horrid case of ear wax, or an inner ear infection.

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