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An Anniversary I Never Wanted

It has been almost exactly one year since I woke up as a cockroach. At least that's how it felt - while perhaps not quite as discombobulating as Gregor Samsa's morning, waking half-deaf and unable to walk straight certainly blew my world up. One year later, I think it's safe to say my condition is now in the condition it's going to be in.

So here is my new normal, as my friend Marla calls it in her book, In each of my nasty triumvirate, hearing, balance, and tinnitus, I did not end up in the neighborhoods I would have preferred. That's a great big ol' drag, but they are my new addresses, and I have to learn to live there with as much grace as I can muster. A very wise doctor once gave me some advice when I was struggling with limitations, something along the line of: Honor your challenges, but don't embrace them.

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