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Most of the writing I do is on this blog, but I've done some writing elsewhere too this month.

First, I've started a new site, People Smarter Than Me. I realized while reading books, watching TED Talks, and listening to podcasts that there were a lot of brilliant people and I wanted to share some of the things I've learned from them. One of those smart people is Tyler Cowen, who linked to one of my first articles - Will A Computer Hire You? I also wrote about how to negotiate (or at least talk with) your kids, and what the future of education might be.

I also wrote a guest post for Jamie Rubin about my thinking behind 27GoodThings. Jamie's a great blogger. He's never writing "10 ways that you haven't read on Lifehacker to brew coffee and coca-cola" or other nonsense. His posts are clear, consistent, and carefully done. It's amazing he let me in the door for a guest post. He's my go-to guide for thoughts on writing, Evernote, and technology.

I've been regularly updating the books I've read page on this blog. I posted an overview of those yesterday, but I like the way that page looks compared to what I formerly used on Goodreads. The biggest takeaway for my reading more has been to prioritize reading. Instead of opening Twitter or Feedly when I have a few extra minutes, I'll open the Kindle App on my phone.

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