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Using Evernote's Linking Feature

When reading or writing, I like the view to be a simple one. If I'm reading a Kindle book, I turn the popular highlights off. When I'm writing a blog post, I open a new window almost no tabs. When I'm creating notes in Evernote, I want to see just the note I'm working on. This desire for simplicity led me to use and enjoy WorkFlowy. Evernote has a feature that mimics this, links.* Links in Evernote can take you to notes within Evernote, or pages on the web, here's how I use each.

I recently did this with my 2014 goals. I started with a list of four main areas to work from and then wanted to include more details below those. I didn't want to do this all in one note though.

First I needed to grab the Note Link from from the note I was linking to. This was right clicking on my ideas note and select Copy Note Link. Then I went to the relevant text (Start new site), highlighted it, and selected Hyperlink Add. I pasted in the code and viola, the link appears.

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