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My 2013 Letter for 27GoodThings.com

For those that weren't aware, I started the site 27GoodThings.com on September 3, 2012 by sharing my favorite things to read, watch, and use. I wanted the site to be something that would serve as a source for books, movies, media, YouTube clips, TEDTalks, and more, but do so in a very simple way. At the time I was following sites like Lifehacker and feeling overwhelmed by the information. It took too much cognitive power for me to sift through everything just to find something.

At the time I started 27 Good Things, I was into listening to and reading about online businesses. It seemed like people were doing incredible work online, making their entire income there and I was merely watching from the river banks while they paddled past. I didn't think or hope to replace my income - small as it is - but I wanted a project to validate that I could do it. That I could spend time and money online and come out the better for it - and I did.

In 2013, 27 Good Things had 103,000 visitors. I feel incredible about this. It doesn't seem like many and in absolute terms it's not, but in relative terms it is. It's so much. I started at zero and found people who enjoyed my idea

I have no idea how much time I spend on the site. It seems like a lot, especially for the money, but this time is more like hobby time, not work time. It's like having a conversation with someone at the library, movie theater, or coffee shop - asking them about what they've seen, done, or read lately. The site has given me so many good book suggestions alone, that I feel blessed for that. Beyond the books there are great movies, apps, TEDTalks, YouTube clips and more. It's such a rich seam of information that I've been rewarded many times over by the kind people who shared good things to read, watch, and use.

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