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"It Snowed Last Night!"

No other words can be spoken in the winter that bring more joy to my daughter’s faces except, “Wow, I guess Santa must have accidentally dropped off all the presents for the neighborhood here.” My children greet snow more fondly than drug addicts greet ‘snow.’ The white powder has a similar control over them, they pine to run among the white capped pines. They lust for disturbing the shiny luster. They pee themselves with excitement, or will need to at least try before we go outside.

Taking your kids out in the snow is an experience all parents embrace, especially new ones. When you’re a new parent this is a picture worthy moment, like meeting the Easter bunny or having a face covered with birthday cake. It’s not all picture perfect though.

The younger they are, the less they understand that snow is cold. They look out and see soft powder, like a million pillows exploded for their enjoyment. They would run out in their pajamas but as the much wiser - or at least taller - ones, we bundle them up.

I’ve never worked in a sausage factory but I image the job of stuffing hot dogs is similar to that of getting children dressed for the snow. The last time my daughters were this packed into something was during their entrance to this world. As parents then, we focus on getting every part of soft pink skin covered which means of course that once they are nearly dressed, they will need to pee. Undress, bathroom, redress and then finally we’re ready to head outside.

My children love to play two games outside, snowball fights and sled rides. For the former they ask me to make them snowballs so they can throw snowballs at me. Their hands can't actually move once packed into their gloves and I oblige of course. I make a snowball, pass it over to them, and then get hit by the same snowball. I let them hit me for a bit then introduce the rule that if you throw a snowball, people could throw snowballs at you. At this declaration the game became even more fun. I let them get in a few more shots at me until I announced that they better run.

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