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The Only Tip for a Great Year

Happy New Year. I hadn't actually written that yet, and though it's a week late, this post is the only one you need for making 2014 your best year yet. First we need to remind ourselves that our best year won't just happen upon us. It won't tumble down like snow, preparing a scene for Normal Rockwell to paint. Our best year ever is more like a hike up the snow covered hill so we can sled down and enjoy the ride.

We won't accidentally get better at our jobs or lives. The wonderful Brooklyn to Mars blog had this:

Similarly, in The Secrets to Happy Families:

All the researchers who've examined well-run organizations, championship teams, or successful groups of any kind have come to pretty much the same conclusion. Greatness is not a matter of circumstance; greatness is a matter of choice. And the best way to make that choice is to take microsteps. There's no grand defining action; no single gesture; no magic lever you can pull or button you can press. There's just a commitment to making incremental changes and accumulating "small wins."

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