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I lost NaNoWriMo

This November I participated in NAtional NOvel WRiting MOnth or NaNoWriMo. The goal is to write a 50,000 word story in thirty days. I did not. I ended my month with 38,777 words done, a rate of 1292 per day. I also blogged almost 10,000 words this month. Here is a chart of my writing, oddly enough, the only day I didn't write was the 29th. I woke up later than usual that day and didn't write in the morning like I usually do, and the rest of the day was filled with great times with family.

Even though I didn't finish a novel, I'm most of the way there. My character has faced a few trials along the way and has a final one to overcome before the resolution. I've posted two other sets of thoughts on NaNoWriMo here and here. My final few thoughts are these;

The ultimate questions to ask is, will I do it again? Yes. I want to be able to finish the month and this first run illuminated what I need to do. My blogging needs to be scaled back or my focus on novel writing needs to be more important. Like a good story, I lost this round, but after a year of training, I'll be back for a rematch.


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