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Using Evernote to Buy a Microwave

Our microwave crapped out on us the other day. At first this seemed like a slight nuisance. I make a lot of meals from scratch and if I was reheating something I could use the oven, toaster oven, or stovetop. The microwave though proved the old adage that you don't miss something until it's gone. Having never installed one before, I wanted to know everything about it before heading to the store.

To start, I created a note in the "Home Projects" notebook of Evernote. You can see this in the upper left of the screenshot below. This is where I collect all the things about my house that need done. My brother-in-law does me one better and includes not only the projects, but he's measured the rooms in his house and knows how much paint is needed if he's painting a room. Well done Mike.

As with most home improvement projects, I begin by leaving all assumptions aside. I hate being at the store and not knowing if I need this or that piece. To start, I noted the dimensions of the Old Microwave and of the Opening. I thought that over the stove microwaves were all the same size, but wanted to have the dimensions handy when I was at the store. Then I needed to know the steps of installing one. I appreciate the customer service at our local Lowes, but I think I can save the $100 and figure out the installation myself.

I watched a Youtube Instructions clip - and saved the link in my note so I could watch it again - and found out that these types of microwaves mount using a bracket attached to the wall and require two adults to lift it in place. I had my wife help me remove the old one and afterwards she said she wouldn't be any help installing the new one, it was too heavy. In my note I included a mailto:[email protected] link. This let me email him for help installing it.

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