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Drop Dead Healthy (quote)

AJ Jacobs was kind enough to be a guest at 27GoodThings.com and through emailing him and reading his post I found the books he's written. How had I missed them ? A funny guy who does a lot of self-experimentation and then writes books about it, that's what I love to read. I picked up Drop Dead Healthy: One Man's Humble Quest for Bodily Perfection from the public library and here are some of my favorite quotes, so far.

On our evolutionary taste buds:

If evolution worked perfectly, healthy food would taste delicious and unhealthy food would make us gag. On Halloween, kids would fill their pails with quinoa and cauliflower. Dairy Queen would sell millions of bok coy Blizzards.

This anecdotal story about how the buff lads and ladies in protein shake ads come about:

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