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WorkFlowy to Layout Blog Posts

The month of WorkFlowy posts continues (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) with this one, a great tool for someone like me - Blog posts.Under my Home item I have Blog and under blog I have post ideas of things I could write about. I keep this list growing like the helping of seconds and thirds Americans will be having at lunch and dinner tomorrow.

Laying out Blog posts like this gives me a sense of the density of each post. For example, under Workflow (sic) Wednesday Posts I have three ideas. Each of those ideas could probably stand as their own post and if I wanted to sketch them out further I could add subheadings under them.

Different from that is the Christmas and kids series. The subheadings there are more like points I would like to make in an article and that would comprise of a single post.

I can also pick and choice what I would like to write about from here, if an unscheduled Wednesday is coming up, then I can look at the Workflow ideas, if I've got pictures from my camera about freezing foods then I look at the Winterizing homemaker things.

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