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Goodbye Goodreads, Hello Evernote

I always enjoy questioning my current state, asking if something is a good choice and why. It's led me to pair down my iPhone, adjust my purchasing habits, and now manage my social media sources - goodbye Goodreads.

At first Goodreads seemed like a great site. I could see what my friends were reading and get book suggestions from a community of bookworms. This colony of bipod termites devoured book after book and I could survey the carnage to see what was left as solid, and what soft. At first, there were super suggestions whenever I logged on. I found out about Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series there. I found a few other books there as well, but none that I remember, which makes my point. Good books are a plenty, finding them is a bit of a challenge but not impossible and not improved by Goodreads.

It could be that I didn't immerse myself in the community aspect to find the true hidden treasures. If I would have scoured the site like a chef in search of morel, maybe I would have found more novels.

I also recently read a tip for taking notes that suggested taking written notes on a book while I'm reading it, then transferring the relevant parts to Evernote. The interviewee who suggested this said that it helped him remember the information because of the two transfers, from book to paper and then from paper to Evernote. This means I'll be keeping track of the books I read in Evernote and will continue to offer reviews in my posts. There will also be pages that link to my favorite books of the year above.

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