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Thank You Strangers

Thank you for reading this blog. Seriously, thank you. Thank you for taking the two or twenty minutes out of your fixed supply each day and spending them here. I hope it's like a good meal or show where you emerge from the premises contented.

I don't thank people enough, reading James Altucher reminds me of this and I want to change it. I want to be more thankful - so I'm going to be.

Beginning on October 30th I'm going to be thanking a stranger a day for the next year. I should be thanking even more people and I will when its not through Twitter and computer screens. I'll be thanking my wife, my kids, my co-workers. I'll be more thankful at school, church, and in traffic.

It's a good month to be thankful and a great time to be. There are a lot of terrible things that happen at a macro level from school shootings to parasitic produce. The news suggests that there's never been a worse time to be alive when it's the opposite, there's never been a better one.

As you begin to think about Thanksgiving, think about the things we can be thankful for. If I want to make a turkey, duck, or chicken they're all available at the nearest grocery store. I can get olive oil from the other side of our planet. If my brother wants to drive home from Columbus he can, if my sister wants to fly she can. My kids run and hit and scream at each other but I'm thankful they are alive and well enough to run, hit, and scream. I would be heartbroken if they weren't - but I would still be thankful for them.

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