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What Can You do with Two Hours in the Morning?

Why do I get up at 600 AM?

I commented to someone last week that it's been five years since I've held a full-time job, and back then I had two. I was able to hold two because the hours for grading papers was flexible and I was efficient in my work. These jobs, teaching assistant and AmeriCorps volunteer ended when we had our first daughter. In the five and a half years since then I've always had an itch to do something. Defining myself as just a stay at home dad isn't quite enough. I'm incredibly grateful for the days I get to spend with my daughters, but I also need to do something for myself. To do something I get up at 600.

For the past half year I've been working on The Fatherhood Book. This project goes from exciting me immensely to being a pile of dog crap that I need to clean off my lawn. Writers say this happens often so I'm on the right path. I've written and edited almost all of it during my two hours in the morning. The book is a short 20K words, but it's the first 20K word project I've begun and almost finished.

In the mornings I also find guests for 27GoodThings.com. This site earns about thirty dollars a month through the Amazon Affiliate program. I run the site because I love finding good things to read, watch, and use and it allows me to connect and help other people.

In the mornings I also write the posts for this site. Usually that means I write a handful of posts one morning and schedule them to be published later. This post for example, was drafted on November 31st.

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