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Productivity Advice from Mighty Mur

Mur Lafferty hosts the wonderful I Should Be Writing podcast. In anticipation of NaNoWriMo she's been doing quick hitting podcasts with little bits of wisdom and advice for people who want to participate, like a mother hen scratching up easy grub for her chicks.

Beyond the actual writing advice - which is always kindly and thoughtfully shared - was this idea for getting things done.

Imagine you are two different people. There is the now you that wants to finish watching a movie. There is also the two days from now you. That two days from now person really wants the now person to get to work, they don't want the now person to watch the movie.

Those two people are both you, but framing it this way gives us another perspective about why we should or shouldn't do something.

We all do this in our saving for retirement. Your 65-year-old self wants your 35-year-old self to buy fewer socks and more stocks.

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