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Making Changes with Unlimited Resources

John Gruber talking with Marco Arment about the things that Google and Apple do well, Google with fast internet results and Apple with the best hardware.

You think looking from the outside, with the resources that Apple or Google has that aren't these solvable problems.

Why can't Google have great hardware, Apple have better (Siri) search results?

Gruber and Arment propose that there are things in a company's DNA that persist. Even if Google or Apple put their best engineers on solving their big enigmas they wouldn't get great solutions. Their attentions are limited, their priorities finite.

Drawing down from the perspective of these companies it reminded me of our own lives. I want to write well, run well, live well. I want to have a great family, great meal, and great time. Some days I think that if I only had a few more hours or dollars then I would make something great. Nope.

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